Zimbabwe: Pokello Living It Up in Ghana

Big Brother Africa – The Chase couple Pokello Nare and Elikem Kumordzi are living it up in Ghana. Pokello, who travelled to Ghana last week to formalise her relationship with Ghanaian Elikem, have been out and about after meeting with her would-be in-laws. Lovingly called Polikem during their stint in the reality show, the two are over the moon and enjoying every minute of it.

“Africa’s hottest and most loved couple Pokello and Elikem is living it up. They simply can’t get enough of each other as they party together, meet fans and look great together,” one fan posted on the Team Pokello Facebook page.

The couple met some of the Miss Malaika-Ghana 2013 contestants before they featured on Rhythms in Ghana, a popular television show. The lovebirds also made an impressive appearance on Personality Profile on Joy FM, Ghana’s top radio station.

Pokello told the Ghana radio station that she dumped rapper, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, because she felt that Elikem Kumordzi was a “better man”.

She said when she went into the Big Brother Africa House she was still very much involved with the rapper but she was swept off her feet by the Ghanaian. She was asked if she would dump Elikem if another better man came along.

“This is it. I’m not looking beyond Elikem,” she said.

Host Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray, had a blast in an interview with Polikem. Asked about Elikem’s recent visit to Zimbabwe, Pokello said: “It was crazy in Zimbabwe. When he arrived at the airport, there were thousands of fans waiting for him. Everyone had a tape measure on. We had three welcome parties for him and it was great fun.”

They shared their journey that started with erasing boundaries to finding everlasting joy although they missed out on the US$300 000 prize eventually won by Namibia’s Dillish.

Pokello said she was ready to marry Elikem “as soon as he pays the bride price,” and that the bride price only costs “a few thousands”.

Elikem who was recently in Zimbabwe also met Pokello’s family and was treated like royalty before he toured Harare and Bulawayo. The couple said they were still to decide on which country to set up home деньги в долг

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