World : Someone Waved a Flag Depicting Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape at Kanye West’s Glastonbury Set

“My girl a superstar all off a home movie”

On Saturday,

Kanye West

performed his much talked about headlining set at Day 2 of England’s world-renowned Glastonbury Festival, and it was surely a sight to see. After a strong opening, and a middle portion that Ye somewhat stumbled through–partially due to the fact that he and Mike Dean, his guitarist and DJ, were out of sync on a few occasions–Kanye closed out his set in rock star fashion, floating above the crowd on a cherry-picker as he performed some of his biggest pop hits, including “Touch The Sky,” “Goodlife,” and “All Of The Lights.”

The crowd at Glasto is always a story in and of itself, known for its tendency to fly flags and posters high in the sky all day long, and this year, someone brought a flat baring Ye’s wife,

Kim Kardashian

. Except, it wasn’t in the most flattering light. The flag very clearly depicted

Kim Kardashian

giving Ray J fellatio, which is probably not what Yeezy was looking for when he peered out into the crowd. Chances are, the person waving it was too far back for West to see it clearly, and they may want to count their lucky stars. No way Kanye sees that and doesn’t have a problem with it. микрозаймы

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