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World : Game of Thrones, Kill The Boy, preview: Winter really, really is coming says Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones has reached a point where not even those smug readers of George RR Martin’s books know what the hell is going to happen in the HBO series.

The next episode looks set to take the most divergent step in the fantasy tale’s TV adaptation so far – and (spoiler alert!) Barristan Selmy really is dead.

The above preview of episode 5 of season five shows Khaleesi’s ally on his death bed (something which does not happen in the books) and teases the first glimpse of Tyrion Lannister’s arrival in Meereen.

Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t have too many advisors and being one down she might well welcome traitorous Ser Jorah Mormont back with open arms – especially as he brings her an Imp-shaped present. Goodness knows she needs all the help she can get with those murderous Sons of the Harpy and a city full of disgruntled ex-slaves. But what will the dragons make of Tyrion?

Way up north winter really, really is coming for Jon Snow – and we know what’s coming with it – and even maester Aemon is wearing his distinctly worried face. Rumour has it Jon Snow is the person who’s going to have to “kill the boy” of this episode’s title, but this only according to leaked extracts subsequently removed from the interweb – and we’re not quite sure who the boy is anyway, but let’s hope it isn’t Gilly’s baby.

Stannis Baratheon appears to have recruited an army – but quite whether they are heading south to Winterfell or to fight the remaining Wildlings behind the wall is not clear. Either way his lovely daughter with the scarred face, Shireen, is going with him.

Meanwhile, Sansa looks like she’s enjoying an uneasy meal with her new betrothed, Ramsay Bolton, leading to the suggestion she’s starting to realise quite how monstrous he is – perhaps old Joffrey is appearing cute and cuddly by comparison? “You know what happens to people who bore me,” he remarks ominously in the preview clip.


Maester Aemon Sansa is expected to come face to face with her childhood associate Reek/Theon Greyjoy, which should make for an interesting encounter seeing as he is now firmly Ramsay’s creature. Meanwhile Brienne of Tarth is still riding about with Pod trying to rescue Sansa – who is still resolute about not being rescued thank you very.


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