Ghana : We Stand In A Better Position than P-Square – Ghanaian group, Los Grumos

France-based Ghanaian music duo Los Grumos is seeking to dethrone Nigerian music duo, P-Square as Africa’s most successful twins in music.
Armed with the the ability to compose and perform different music genres, the Ghanaian twins, made up of Panyin Yaw Amponsah (Rey) and Kakra Yaw Amponsah (Ro), believe they have an unbridled advantage over the Nigerian twins.
Undoubtedly Africa’s biggest music exports, P-Square is no common customer to music but Los Grumos say they have what it takes to edge out the Nigerian brothers.
Los Grumos told that “What makes us bigger than P-Square is that we are big in Europe. Our music cuts across the European market, our band also cuts across the USA market. Our music is big just that we are not more focused in Africa that’s why we promoting our new single ‘Adjoa’ for all Africans to know we are the best across the globe and also make Africans proud.”
“We have performed on almost all the biggest shows in Europe. That makes us different from P-Square and also bigger than them,” the twins asserted.
Los Grumos is optimistic of a bright future ahead of them. They are achieving that because their “hope and inspiration comes from Ghana and Africa as a whole that’s what motivate us to work hard and make Africans proud.”
Born at the outskirts of French capital, Paris, the brothers grew up listening to the famous hiphop French scene, groups such as NTM, the Secteur A, and Raggasonic.
A few years after flirting with hiphop through various projects, Rey and Ro joined the Parliament, a group made of two other rappers, Imperfect and Modeste from their neighbourhood.
The four rappers recorded ‘The 10 solutions of Parliament’ project to promote the group. The album was distributed via their own networks. Benefiting from the notoriety generated by this project, Los Grumos left the group to pursue their solo career. The Parliament was subsequently dissolved.
In 2006, during an extended trip to Ghana, the twins used the opportunity to evolve in the hiplife music scene. Los Grumos naturally adopted the musical genre and gave a scintillating ‘French flavour’ to it.
During that time, Rey and Ro performed at several events across the length and breadth of the country including shows in Kumasi and Accra.
In 2006, the twins, also gifted with the talent of playing football, had a very strong start in Ghana with a single produced by Hammer of the Last Two, a very well-known music producer in Ghana.
They have to their credit over 40 songs including ‘A Bi Ma Love’ featuring Bradez, On Va l’Faire (We Gonna Make It), SWAGA featuring Kennedy, On revient d’Afrique (We’re back from Africa) and BANG BANG.
Currently, Los Grumos is promoting ‘Adjoa’ a song they say is specially made for Ghana and Africa. The song has already gained ground is Europe.
The song, recorded in Accra, they said, is a “tasteful mixture of Afrobeat and hiphop style that reflects our African and French backgrounds. Which is also the reason why they gave their song a Ghanaian female first name, Adjoa.”
The music video shot in Paris was co-produced by Mokobé (an African French famous artist) and Nicolas Noel, a fashionable video producer.

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