Vybz Kartel to release “King Of The Dancehall” Album in June

Incarcerated Dancehall star Vybz Kartel is set to release a brand new 14 track album titled “King of the Dancehall” on June 10th.

The album will be released under Kartel’s label Adidjahiem Records in association with TJ Records and Zojak World Wide

The 14-track set will contain all-exclusive, never before released tracks from the “World Boss” Vybz Kartel. Recorded by the prolific artist before his incarceration, the tracks have been carefully completed by dancehall hit producer Linton ‘TJ’ White of TJ Records and Kartel’s label Adidjahiem Records.

Kartel says, “‘King of the Dancehall’ is not a 14 song compilation, it’s a masterpiece, an album that encompasses the very essence of Adidja Palmer and by extension, the Jamaican experience,” stated Kartel (aka Adidja Palmer) in a written statement released to the media. “‘King of the Dancehall’ “will reinforce Vybz Kartel’s status as not just another self-proclaimed King, but as the people’s champion. The man who has created a movement like no other in Dancehall” – According to the press release

As the title suggests, the album is dancehall to its core. In another part of his statement Kartel, also known to his fans as The Teacha said, “This album will bring its listeners into the world of hardcore DANCEHALL, not some ‘pop music’ watered down version. It will give you a peek into my Jamaica. Not the one on the tourist board ads, but the real Jamaica…DANCEHALL JAMAICA.”

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, the album will hit stores on June 10th with and fans can pre-order the album exclusively on iTunes starting May 6th. |Source  |Vybz Kartel to release “King Of The Dancehall” Album in June кредит на карту

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