VVIP Group Member Prodigal Disses Shatta Wale For Trying To Put Up A Stage Next To Theirs at Nima On  Sallah Day.

Member of music group VVIP (Prodigal) has in his recent post on Facebook sent a direct insult to dance-hall artist Shatta wala, Africanhitz.com following the story closely shows that the ‘diss’ comes off after Shatta Wale shared a photo via his Facebook page,indicating that he will also put up his own event at the same venue as VVIP’s salafest event,which in Prodigal’s post shows that theirs have been in existence since 1998 at (NIMA)

Read what Prodigal wrote in his post below…

On a real Gh artist we have to be real love n respect each other’s hustle sometimes is not abt the fame n that same fame for no make we forget who we be or forget some helping hands wen we moving up excuse my language but FUCK Shatta Wale for trying to put up a stage at Nima near to our stage on a sallah day u n I Knw is a tradition since 98 to help other upcoming showcase wat they have as we did for u few years back as big brothers if this ur pay back then FUCK you once Again
One Nima one stage one people

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