(Video) NBA: Jadakiss Lists Which Knicks Player Biggie Was Likely Talking About On “I Got a Story To Tell”

It’s always been a mystery exactly which New York Knicks player Biggie was talking about on “I Got a Story to Tell”. Though Big never named the player many assumed it was John Starks. Well Starks appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable and killed that rumor saying explicity that it wasn’t him but he does know who Big was talking about, but he stopped there leaving it still a mystery. Highly Questionable host Dan Le Batard tried yet again to find out who the mystery man is when Jadakiss appeared on the show. The veteran rapper was very close with Biggie and they thought he might have some insight. So what did he say?

Shay Marie

Well Jadakiss says he doesn’t know either but he did give a couple names it could be including, Anthony Mason, Derek Harper or Larry Johnson. Kiss was also asked if he believed Starks saying it wasn’t him and he seemed really shaky about that. The investigation continues…

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