Tina Teise and Anita Fabiola have bad blood because of Ed Cheune

Socialites and TV hosts, Tina Teise and Anita Fabiola are boiling beef over sangoma Ed Cheune’s cassava.

They are both close to Ed Cheune and they have never liked the fact that they share him.

They have now taken their war to social media by throwing jibes at each other.

The latest fight was sparked off by Anitah Fabiola’s post on twitter about the newly introduced OTT Tax where she advised her fans not to blame the government for their problems.

“Stop blaming the government for your problems. Thanks,” Anitah Fabiola  posted before Tina Teise  blasting her.

“Has someone ever said something so ignorant that you are embarrassed on their behalf? Some blonde slay queen  somewhere on her smartphone ngu ‘ Don’t blame the government for your problems’…. I want to throw up!😤😤,” furious Tina Teise posted.

It is remembered that  few weeks ago, Anitah Fabiola was filmed having good time with Ed Cheune in a Jacuzzi shortly after reports of Ed Cheune sponsoring Tina Teise’s luxurious Dubai trip leaked to the media. взять деньги в долг на карту

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