Take A Look At Asa’s Glow Up Right After She Gave Up Her “Cherry”

If you ever doubted the age-long myth that sex makes you glow and puts a little spring in your step, well, Asa is proof that it might be true after all.

The singer’s revelation that she lost her virginity at 28 – very late, by a lot of people’s standards – has the internet shook.

Going by the revelation which she made on a just released interview she had with Funmi Iyanda in 2015, the singer who is now 35 would have been 28 in 2010.

While we may never know who the lucky guy was or why it took Funmi 2 years to release the interview, we do know for a fact that Asa got a serious glow up after she gave up her cherry.

She shed a good deal of her tomboy image and embraced a more “womanly” style in 2010 and afterwards.

I mean look at her in 2009…

And then in 2010…

And afterwards…

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