South African RapperCassper Nyovest Offers Reward For lost Chain

The rapper lost a pricey gold chain while performing at the Youth Hip-Hop Festival in Durban at the weekend.

The 25-year-old revealed on social media that he lost the chain, and is offering the person who returns, uhm, we mean, finds, it R50,000!

Cassper did not reveal how much the actual chain is worth, but if the reward is anything to go by, it cost him a lot of money.

The Mama I Made It rapper decided to do-it-like-they-do-it-on-TV and try something he has never done before – crowd surf!

“Durban has been so dope… I ended jumping into the crowd for the first time in my life cause I felt the love so much. Unfortunately I lost my keys to the city chain. I would like to give a 50k reward to whoever can bring it back to me,” he captioned a picture of his crowd surfing.

Guess he won’t be trying that again! Stick to surfing the internet, Cassper! | South African RapperCassper Nyovest Offers Reward For lost Chain

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