South African Comedian Siv Ngesi robbed at gunpoint

On Tuesday night, Siv Ngesi was held at gunpoint in Johannesburg CBD.

He tweeted his ordeal.

“Was just held up at gunpoint …. but I wasn’t letting go of my phone!”

“Wasn’t the smartest thing to do I know!” he admits.

“This is a really expensive phone, and I have so many contacts on it. And for some reason I just felt confident. I don’t recommend anyone doing what I did. Please do not try the same thing. Just hand over your phone. I’m sick and tired of these criminals making our lives a living hell. It’s time South Africa does something about the crime. You can’t be robbed like this during the daylight,”Siv said.

He escaped unhurt. However, one person was hit on the head with a gun, and two of his friends’ phones were stolen. Siv is however doing great.

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