South Africa : Singer mugged and stabbed while stuck in traffic

A lead singer for Afrikaans band Beeskraal was stabbed and robbed with a knife while stuck in peak hour traffic in Sunnyside, Pretoria on Thursday.


Charlie Smidt was stuck in traffic due to loadshedding in Beatrix street when the robbers pounced on him and robbed him of his cellphone, according to Channel24.

“Two guys just suddenly appeared by my window on my driver’s side. I thought they were street hawkers, but then they tried to open my car doors, which were locked”, Charlie explains.

Smidt, who posted a bloody picture of him on his Facebook page, said his robbers gained access into his car through a small space of the open window.

“They asked me to hand them my cellphone which was on the seat between my legs. They threatened to kill me. As I gave them the phone they stabbed me in the arm,” says Charlie.

“Try not to drive alone especially at night and especially if you’re a woman.”

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