South Africa : OMG! Rapper Cassper In Music Theft Drama.

Johannesburg – Hip hop fans cried foul recently when it was revealed that a new track from rapper Cassper Nyovest, Turn up Gang, bore more than a passing resemblance to a song by Ivorian group, Kiff No Beat.

Inspector AKA stumbled upon the “coincidence” and alerted the Twitter police, who went after Cassper.

Posting a picture of the video from Kiff no Beats, AKA wrote: “Turn up! Gang! Turn up! Gang! Turn up! Gang! Is this what the game has come to?”

But the case of theft was dropped after it was revealed by Kiff No Beat that Cassper’s song was actually a remix authorised by them.

All tweets have since been deleted.

So is this the “international” collaboration you promised us would be on your new album, Cassper? кредит

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