South Africa : I’m No Alcoholic- “Mshoza” Weeps!

Mshoza is not an alcoholic! Well, at least that’s what she told ZAlebs in an interview.

No stranger to rumours surrounding her personal life, the kwaito star has made headlines for her skin lightening, love life, and even claims that she has a problem with alcohol.

She has laughed off reports that claimed one of her hospital stints last year came as a result of her being a raging alcoholic.

“I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just a free-spirited person. I don’t hide me; what you see is what you get,” she declared.

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“I can go for a year without alcohol, but when I decide that today I’m drinking with my friends, I have wine. And when I drink, I have two glasses. An alcoholic is a person that cannot survive without alcohol – I can go six months without it.”

Mshoza added that due her flamboyant and loud nature, people automatically assume that she is drunk.

“Because I’m a happy person, when I start talking and having fun, people will assume that I’m drunk, but that’s just me having fun.”

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