South Africa : Avril’s South African Fiancé Shares About An Embarassing Moment.

Avril is the Kenyan song bird that has managed to stay relevant in the music industry for over a long time.

She is an icon that is looked upto by most people. She is the embodiment of all womans wishes to be.

Her talent aside,she is one of the most beatiful women in Kenya. Sadly the lass’s feathers weren’t ruffled by a Kenyan man but a South African.

All in all this proves that love doesn’t choose it just happens. The two have been spotted severally together. They even share pictures together on social media.

The singer’s South African prince has managed to keep his life private and away from the lime light. Recently he took to social media to share about an embarassing moment he went through in London.

He posted a throw back photo with caption;

TBT I remember this day had just had an operation on my butt had a
huge boil that was passing out a lot of pass and was seating on one
butt. surely come a long way whoever thought we would reach this far.
London days was surrounded by cool peeps.

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