Somizi to take over at SAFA?

The South African Football Association (SAFA) is toying with the idea of making their Somizi president.

Constantly plagued by issues both on and off the pitch, SAFA is in dire need of a kick up the behind, and Somizi is thought to be the perfect man to do just that.

The Idols SA judge is not one to sit back and not speak his mind, and that kind of attitude is seen as the perfect fit for a SAFA on its knees.

According to a source close to both parties, SAFA want Somizi to add some colour to boring meetings, and possibly even coach the team if all goes according to plan. However, the team kit is not ‘glam’ enough at this point in time for a move such as that.

Known for his choreography work, Somizi would get all lines of communication working and all admin aspects in order.

Asked if Somizi would purely be hired as a fall guy, the source said: “As Somizi would say: ‘Ooh Shem’, that is a silly rumour. Somizi is the perfect fit. He would be hilarious when dealing with underperforming areas of SAFA – can you imagine?

“Somizi would hold auditions for all the staff to prove their worth. The room would be filled with glitter and ‘Ooh Shem’ would be pre recorded, almost like a ‘no’ buzzer. It would be great to mix that with the joke that is SAFA.”

While many would describe SAFA as the ultimate “Ooh Shem” organisation, this move could be a real positive in sorting the association out. | Somizi to take over at SAFA? займы на карту

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