Shatta Wale’s Gang Members KUMOJI and His Boys Gun Shooting AT NIMA Youth Last Night leaving one in a Critical Condition.

Information reaching us from last night states that KOMOJI and his boys who are members of musician Shatta Wale’s Shatta Movement gang, attacked some noble youth of NIMA, KOMOJI and his boys were seen holding guns shooting at the youth in the community leaving one in a critical condition in the hospital as of now.

The Shatta Movement member and gang leader KOMOJI was recently seen in a video which surface on social media talking about been gangster and how he kills people without anyone knowing.

One meant say this was expected since the self acclaimed dance hall king Shatta Wale, shared a video of him with guns shooting in the sky,

But the question we are asking… is this the kind of empowerment Shatta Wale’s Shatta Movement seeks to give the youth for been a part of the ‘Shatta Movement? Going around with guns and shooting at this youth who supports you and your music.

This sort of madness in not our cultural and I see no reason why our youth of today will follow blindly knowing this self a claim dancehall king Shatta Wale will direct them waywardly, the Ghana police must bring KOMOJI and his shatta Movement gang members to book.

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