Reggie Rockstone “cries” about hatred in Ghana

Member of Legendary group, VVIP, Reggie Rockstone has said Ghana’s bane has been the hatred for the country by the citizens of the country.

According to him, Ghanaians hate to support their own to move up the pedestal and will do everything within their means to ensure that their fellow Ghanaian does not succeed.

Reggie who was expressing his frustrations through an Instagram video mentioned Sarkodie and Dr. Nkrumah as some of the people who have suffered the shameful hatred of Ghanaians.

He indicated that in the showbiz industry where he finds himself, the hatred pushes Ghanaians to rather watch foreign content on TV at the expense of local content.

He said “We really hate ourselves! We hate ourselves so much that Ghanaians will ask what is your English name. That is like asking what your slave name is. Ghanaians hate on each other, Ghanaians don’t like Ghana. We hate Ghana so much that we listen to Nigerian music all day”.

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