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Redfyah breaks in with ‘Warrior’


Redfyah, one of the few but powerful Roots Reggae voices in Ghana who hails from Northern GHANA is due to drop a new joint.

Titled “Warrior”, the song is due for release this week, exclusively via

“The song is about our leaders not being responsible enough and leaving the youths to their fate. The homelessness we know is everywhere but the rate at which unemployment and the economy is squeezing us, we need to awaken the minds of the youths so they don’t forget their plight and jump to any politician who would come at them with sugar-coated words is luxury goods in the name of elections. These politicians don’t really care how they make a living out of our tax payers’ money and our toil; they know we the masses hold the power to their seats in the upcoming elections so we need to be virtual warriors and fight for our course in the best way possible”, Redfyah corroborated.  | (Story: Elorm Beenie) | Redfyah breaks in with ‘Warrior’ микрозаймы

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