Photos:The Sangy Foundation Renovates Dilapidated School In V-Gbodome, Hohoe

The Sangy Foundation, a Ghanaian based Non- Governmental Organization on 1st September, 2017 refurbished eight (8) dilapidated classrooms at V-Gbodome near  Hohoe in the Volta  Region of Ghana.
The charitable foundation has been in force since 2011 and has exhaustively renovated 21 schools, 4 libraries and 4 community clinics reaching  out to the less privileged in various communities across the country.
Spearheaded by the The Glam School Initiative, an arm of  The Sangy Foundation which solely aims at renovating schools , various classrooms in different corners of the country have  been renovated and libraries stocked with books as well.
The visit to the Volta Region happens to be the second time  after their first reach-out in 2014 where the foundation renovated, painted and as well,stocked a library in Klikor ,a suburb  in the Volta Region.
Talking to the co-founder  of the Sangy Foundation; Sara Nana Yeboah ,She told that they embarked on this  implausible mission because dilapidated classrooms also need refurbishing or upgrading to acceptable minimum standards for learning.
She Said:” every child deserves equal opportunities in accessing education especially with infrastructure” and assured of more of such projects.
The initiative was executed in partnership with Professional Christian Women Network and Assemblies of God Ghana Liberty Centre-Sunyani!

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