One week after Papa Wemba’s death, another Congolese musician dies!

Late Didier Bonaventure Deigné.

As the Congo and the entire African continent still mourn the death of legendary singer Papa Wemba, another Congolese musician has died.

Didier Bonaventure Deigné, the conductor of the famous Ivorian group Magic System has been reported to have died by drowning as he tried to save someone else from drowning on May 1, 2016.

The 46-year-old band member was reportedly staying in the resort of Jacqueville in Ivory Coast at the time of his death. In a statement by Magic System on it’s official Facebook Page, ‘Pepito was our chorister, our drummer, but above all the conductor for sixteen years of our group. He made sure the good performance of our musical orchestra symphony and good all these years and many Magicians concerts in the world over ‘.

Magic System became a worldwide sensation after the success of the hit song ‘Premier Gaou‘ in 2002.

Late Papa Wemba.
Late Papa Wemba.

The death of band leader and drummer comes barely a week after that of Papa Wemba who died on stage on April 24, 2016 in Abidjan, where he participated in the 9th edition Festival of Music organized by Magic system.

Late Didier Bonaventure Deigné has since been buried on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at the cemetery of grand Bassam in Congo. | source | One week after Papa Wemba’s death, another Congolese musician dies! кредит онлайн

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