Nigerians go crazy over Bisa Kdei’s “Brother Brother”

This article is supported with facts so before judging, make sure you read to the end and understand well.

Firstly, it seems Ghanaian music is paving way into the Nigerian market once again.

My facts, i.e., Nigerian presenters, Djs, Musicians and social media tweets proved to me the current top 3 Ghanaian musicians in Nigeria are Stonebwoy, Bisa Kdei and Sarkodie, with “Higher”, “Brother Brother” and “Adonai” respectively. However, for me to choose which one is topping the others was a bit difficult but I finally got a result.

After hearing from my sources, I later on concluded by comparing tweets and hashtags from Nigeria for these songs and to my conclusion, I realized “Brother Brother ” by Bisa Kdei is the biggest Ghanaian music in Nigeria.

Bisa Kdei Brother Brother Tweets

I was a bit surprised to see the tweets about “brother brother”, because basically, most people in Nigeria keep requesting for this song and checking their population, I can only imagine how big it is.

Bisa Kdei should better prepare and go to Nigeria for some gigs and connects because I feel this is his season. His current song which is also similar to brother brother titled “Sister Girl” is in addition enjoying airplay too. You can check the song out here.

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