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NIGERIA : OMG! POP Singer "KCee" Falls Off Hover Board.

Hover boards (better known as mini-segways) are the in thing right now.

Several Nigerian celebrities such as Wizkid, Davido and May Dhave jumped in on the trend. On October 12, 2015 Pulse posted a video of Toyin Aimakhu trying out the hoverboard for the first time. The video trended and went viral.

Now it’s the time of pop star KCee. The 5 Star singer also tried the hoverboard for the first time. The outcome was hilariousKcee-599x600

Pop superstar Davido shared a video of him laughing at KCee falling on the hoverboard.

You can watch the video below…

https://youtu.be/5FLxsy1XAAs займы на карту

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