Musician Chameleon gets fourth child

Singer Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniela Atim Mayanja welcomed their fourth child and the couple’s third son on Thursday morning.
Amma Christian Mayanja arrives exactly 17 months after the couple’s only daughter Alba Mayanja who was born in January 2012. The singer has another daughter, his first born, in a past relationship.

Social sites continue to jam with congratulatory messages from the couple’s friends, well-wishers and business associates and the singer intimated that he is overwhelmed by the love.

The Badilisha star went on his facebook wall and said that he is very thankful to God for his family and how glad he is to have met his wife.

“It is life that most of the times we are away from what we love the most. I am thankful for the beautiful family that God has blessed me with. And no matter what, you will always come first! We would like to celebrate the joy from Mayanja family with you as we welcome our new baby Amma Christian Mayanja, Our new born baby. I LOVE YOU Daniela Atim Mayanja. Until death do us apart, I got a perfect wife, friend and inspiration.,” wrote Chameleone.

The singer cancelled his month-long US tour and returned in the country last week to attend to his wife as she gives birth to their fourth child.

Congratulations the Mayanjas!

By Isaac Baligema, The New Vision микрокредит

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