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Meet the new king of rap – Asante The Alpha

New rap artiste Asante the Alpha has just released the audio and the visuals to his hip-hop heavy tune ‘Mee Gye’.

The 4 minute plus song is just Asante staking a claim for the title as the best rapper in the country and after listening to the song you could concur that he indeed has got some point.

The song is laced with word play jabs and exceptional Twi lyricism on a great hip-hop beat that will leave you bumping for more.

The video which was directed by KP Selorm of MiPROMO Media is also eye catchy as the various scenes depict the ruggedness to which he claims the rap king title from a figure he describes but doesn’t name.

Further on ‘Mee Gye’, Asante repeats that he is the new king of rap with his style being authentic and the rest fake.

He calls out your favourite rapper by rapping about him being here to strip him of his crown.

He doesn’t stop there as he says he’s here to rule going on to even describe your favourite rapper’s tongue twisting rap style as ‘nonfa’. Nonfa is something that makes no sense.

This wouldn’t be the first time Asante has called other rappers out to his throne ascension desires.

On his hip-hop song ‘H33333r’ the rapper spoke about the ills in the industry and a whole lot. Asante rapped about there being only 7 top musicians in the music game in Ghana. Hold that’s not all.

On ‘Mee Gye’ and ‘H33333r’ Asante just cut through everyone whilst also thumping his chest as the best rapper in the country. Do well to listen to ‘Mee Gye’.

Watch video here –

Download / listen song here –

Facebook – AsanteTheAlpha
Twitter – AsanteTheAlpha взять деньги в долг на карту

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