“Me and Zari Cannot Be Friends,” Says Judith Heard

Socialite, fashionista and personality, Judith Heard has been roving up and down lately, in France and America. She happened to be part of a show hosted by Musa Semakula, and she said her and Zari Hassan cannot be friends.

She talked about her charitable personality, and the fact that they visit orphanages and schools to share with them. Judith Heard attached this to the fact that she grew up without  a father, and knows what it feels like to have nobody to help you. This is what inspires her to help the young children.

When Judith was asked whether she has  a problem with Zari, she said, “Zari who” and Musa cleared the name for her. At this, Judith Heard went straight to express her feelings,

“There are some names, I know h0wever, but there are some names, that me as a person, I don’t want to mention…. “There are things that are not important in my life, that I don’t want to give my attention.” Musa Finally asked Judith whether she was friends with Zari and she said they cannot be, because they are two separate people. Zari wants things that are different from hers. She explained that they used to hang out sometime back, but she discovered that her and the Socialite had different things in common.

Looks like these two have gone separate ways. кредит на карту

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