KKD renews his love for gay son

Kwas Kyei Darkwa known  by most people as KKD has renewed his love for his son who came out to tell the world that he is gay. KKD who recently threw his weight behind his son and his sexuality made this renewal of love towards his son  in a post on Instagram when his son was celebrating his birthday some days ago

On his son’s birthday few days ago, KKD wrote on Instagram:

HAPPY 24 to my dearly beloved son

May the years ahead be great and good fun

May you live in peace and prosperity

In wisdom, good health, wealth and beauty

Stand up for yourself and those you love

And those who stand with you when life is rough

Do the best you can every day you live

Receive with a good heart and make sure to give

Life is a journey of win and lose

High and low, tight places and loose

When family walks a path not yours to choose

Never flee and leave them to abuse

From.the likes that murdered Captain Mahama

In the land of Denkyira Obuasi in Ghana

Speak for the meek, the weak and persecuted

In such voice is true worth and dignity rooted

I know nothing but the way of a devoted father

Protector, provider, nurturer and mentor

Know for sure too which way is yours

And stand by your truth in fair and foul weather

Believe in yourself, make sure to bring

Honesty, loyalty and beauty to sing

Your praises to God and love your family

Earn in honesty and give cheerfully to charity

You are who you are because you think

Not act in anger nor power of smoke nor drink

Live your ife for no commoners’ applause

Courteous, helpful never hateful nor coarse

Life is real and longer than we oft think

Hold in heart, cast in gold or print this in ink

Family ties are to be honoured forever

Come what may, family stays stronger together

For if love is true there is always help

And a rescue to come each time we yelp

Fathers, mothers, siblings, sons and daughters

Must live for each other, not merely for self

Who matters more to you, your family or the crowd

Who do you adore, your blood or gnashing hound

Better to be true to God, family and you

Than pretend to be nice, and fake for a hateful crew

My children are my blood, I’ll never neglect

I pledged to my God, what do you expect?”

My duty to admonish and make you strong

And scold you when any of you do wrong

Is understood too that one day you’ll grow

And then you’ll each choose your own way to go

The bow does not chase after the arrow

It stands strong and prays for the farthest it can flow

God bless you my Son Darkwah Kyei Darkwah

May you be happy now and forever.

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