Kenya: STL, Collo Won't Sue Producer Over 'Dirty Song' Leak

Stella Mwangi and Collo released an official statement on the leak of a “dirty song” that featured the two. Stella and Collo said in the release that they “does not intend to pursue this matter legally with the producer, neither does Collo. They also want to make it clear that they do not have anything to do with the explicit video that has been posted on Youtube.”

The statement read: “The leaked content that has Stella Mwangi and Collo’s vocals was a studio session that was done last year around November-December at Bernsoft Studio. The producer Big Soul, Stella Mwangi, Collo and Mimmo were working on a record – “Floss Na Wewe”. This content should never have left his studio because it’s not an official record neither was it a project/work-in-progress. What you’re hearing on the leak is two creative minds jamming to a beat before sitting down to create an actual record. We had agreed to delete this content after recording it but clearly that did not happen. Hence the leak.”

Stella also posted on her Facebook page, “She posted on her Facebook page, “In an increasingly cautious world, we may choose to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk while in studio, our creative refuge. Some sessions are just messing about, pushing boundaries before a recording. Link inauthentic. Apologies to whom it offends.”

However, the producer who was at the sesson, Big Soul told Word Is, “I don’t know how the song got out there. I have never finished the final product. For them to say that I’m unprofessional is putting blame at someone else yet both artistes are in possession of the links that we recorded,” adding, “I feel like they should calm down and solve this issue and find out what happened. кредит

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