Bishop Daniel Obinim-I Made Abraham Attah Popular

Ghana’s 15-year-old Abraham Attah won Best Male Lead for ‘Beasts Of No Nation’, for his first ever role at the 2016 Independent Spirits Awards.

This award, many popular actors and actresses in Ghana haven’t even dreamt of taking.

Abraham also presented an award at the recent Oscars and after taking the award, the actor thanked everyone from his fellow winner and co-star Idris Elba to the Netflix film’s director, Cary Fukunaga, to the costume designers when he took the stage.

But it seems he forgot to thank one person who made him popular, Bishop Daniel Obinim, head pastor of the International God’s Way Church in Kumasi has sent a message to Abraham for forgetting to thank him also for making him popular.

Bishop Daniel Obinim on his TV station said, Abraham Attah became popular because it was he Obinim who prayed for him to become popular and does not understand why the young actor would ignore him after he had become popular.

Bishop Daniel Obinim further said Abraham Attah should and honour him or face the consequences from his god that made him popular.

Bishop Obinim revealed :

“If Abraham does not come to honour me, I will turn into a lion, run to where ever he is and attack him”

“What does he take me for, after making him popular and rich, he has ignored me, he has refused to even answer my phone calls, he should better do the right thing by bringing me my share of the money he has made or he will never get any role in a movie again.” | Credit Fox | Bishop Daniel Obinim-I Made Abraham Attah Popular

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