Helicopter carrying Gold nearly crashed and was forced to land on maize farm.

A helicopter carrying gold from Bibiani Chirano Gold Mines was forced at a maize farm at Kumikrom after developing a mechanical fault.

The helicopter, registered No SA365C3-N5073, was transporting gold belonging to the Chirano Gold Mines to Accra when Capt. Abdul Salam detected a mechanical fault; forcing him to force land.

According to Police report, a distressed call came through at about 12:25 pm at Asamankese where they immediately dispatched police personnel to the scene to secure the boxes of gold and the chopper.

Another helicopter from Accra was flown to the maize farm at about 5:30 pm Monday and conveyed the content and crew on the faulty plane to Accra.

Engineers were later flown to the maize farm where the earlier chopper has developed a fault and repaired it and has been flown from the farm.

According to Police report, No member of the crew was injured in the incident and that the mining company is looking forward to compensating the farmer whose maize farm was somehow destroyed.

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