Harmonize – Never Give Up

WCB Wasafi star Harmonize has just released a track that will appeal to anyone out there who is struggling and on the verge of giving up on life. This track is titled, aptly, “Never Give Up.” It has go fans across Africa singing its praise.

Besides encouraging those who are about to give up on life not to do so but to continue in the hope of  sun shining soon somewhere out of the darkness, the track will also encourage those who have already given up to reconsider their decisions. After the darkness there would usually come light, Harmonize would have you believe.

And, by the way, his life is a grand example of he message he preaches in this song. He had once struggled with obscurity. But he never doubted he would one day make it to the top, not just in Tanzania but in Africa as a whole.

His not giving up has since paid off. He is readily recognized as one of the major voices in Tanzanian and indeed African music. His most recent drop is “Show Me What You Got (Remix),” featuring Yemi Alade and Nyashinski.

Download below…

Download Never Give Up

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