Ghana Youth Walk 6

‘In everyday,there are 1440 minutes.That means we have 1440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact’ – Les Brown.

Over the years, the Ghana Youth Walk has put these words into action. This event has gradually found its way into the events calendar of many youths around Ghana. The walk, which started in 2011 on the 1st of December sought to create the awareness of HIV/AIDS and its canker to young people of this generation. It came from humble beginnings with just 130 individuals coming together to walk for that cause, organized by the Brown Berry Show in partnership with Choice 102.3fm to support the Ghana Aids Commission.

The following year 2012 happened to be an election year, hence, the walk for Peace was needed. This was also successfully pulled off with a significant number of growth in participants.

2013 was no different. Due to the rapid increase in road related accidents, the walk was then directed at road safety done in partnership with the National Road Safety Commission.

The Narcotics Control Board also came onboard to help raise awareness on drug related problems and drug use among young ones in 2014.

2015 chose to be spectacular and unprecedented. The youth walk was pulled off within 4 major regional cities on the same day and time. It was done in collaboration with one of the biggest student groups AIESEC which also has the biggest youth database in Ghana. The walk was directed at walking for various reasons which the participants felt pertinent to them.

This initiative has been able to mobilize and gather over 8000 individuals across its 5 year span. This year is looking to bring together the biggest number of participants because the political scene and state of affairs has changed drastically, making this year’s election a very crucial one. Ideally, walking for Peace would be the best and reasonable option. 2016’s walk is supposed to come off in all the 10 regional capitals since this year’s cause is a nationwide matter.

The Ghana youth walk initiative, spearheaded by the Brown Berry Show has sought to mobilize the youth of Ghana, bring non-governmental organizations and civil societies in contact with the youth, create awareness on social issues and give the youth a voice. The event is slated for 21st September this year across the country.

Apart from walking for a cause, there are other fun activities as music and boogie performances, food bazaar, socialization, aerobic sessions, video games, photoshoots, award ceremony and many others.

To volunteer to be part or sponsor this year’s walk contact [email protected]/0244762547/0273584780.In the meantime follow the movement on twitter @ghanayouthwalk and see press and posters for more details.

Until 21st September, keep the words of James McGreevy in mind that,’ We need to have a purpose in this life. I’m pleading with you, I’m begging with you to do the right thing. And do it not for the sake of how it will impact your own lives but only for the sake of doing the right thing’.

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