Ghana : "Obour" Is A Lier And Has Failed Musicians Says – "Appietus"

Music producer Appiah Dankwah popularly known as Appietus not long ago announced his plans to contest for MUSIGA president because he thinks the current president, Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour has failed as a leader.

The music producer who has worked with Sarkodie, Daddy Lumba and many other musicians in an interview with Hitz FM said Obour has failed to honour the promise he gave to musicians when campaigning to be MUSIGA president four years ago.

The member of MUSIGA communication team giving reasons for contesting Obour in the upcoming election said;

“Obour’s term is almost over and he did not do all the things he said and it is very worrying. My problem is, we pushed Obour so hard but it’s like he doesn’t listen and it is very worrying because all the structures we planned to put in place so that it will aid up and coming artiste, nothing has been done about it all these four years.”

He added that he joined the MUSIGA president race because he feels Obour does not see his contenders as a threat so he has relaxed.

“I felt he is very reluctant because all the people he is contending with, he doesn’t see them as a threat that is why he is so reluctant so I decided to take the mantle myself and do it”.

Laying down his plans for the Musicians Union of Ghana when elected as president, Appietus promised to do better than Obour.

“There are lot of things he could have done and it would have not cost him a thing and it is not happening. I’m going to make sure all those things he did not do, I’m going to do them and more.”

Appietus promised a studio and a radio station for musicians “where it will be easy for them to access”.

“We need to have a TV station where it will be easy for them to access and put their videos. We need to build a multitask studio where they can even shoot their videos and all that at a cost that is affordable because anybody who is coming has to spend so much before getting to the top and it is difficult”. взять деньги в долг на карту

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