Ghana Movie Industry Can’t Collapse-Kisa Gbekle

Actress Kisa Gbekle has asked movie industry stakeholders to exercise some caution about how they go around saying that the English speaking movie industry has collapsed.

According to her that could deter individual investors who want to invest into the movie industry.

Speaking in an interview with NEWS-ONE, she said that part of the movie industry can’t be dead when producers are still shooting.

“Yes the industry is facing challenges and we acknowledge that. But people are trying to do something. People are still shooting. I heard people are not really buying the movies. So basically most of our producers shoot for the cinemas and Internet. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Yes the industry has its challenges same way other industries have their challenges but they don’t go out there to say their industries are dead.”

Kisa continued that so long as producers are shooting, it is enough reason to say the industry is alive. “It can’t collapse.”

“Talks about a collapsed industry won’t do us any good. Rather we should come up with good ideas to resolve the various challenges facing the industry,” she added.

“We need to appreciate our own. We need unity in the industry. Individual producers can collaborate and do bigger projects.  Let’s come together and find solutions to how we can win back our movie audiences, who they say are not buying the movies anymore. We should know what their complains are. See, it goes beyond making blanket statements that the industry is collapsed.  We should respect talent; I mean we should appreciate talent and give chance to who those deserve it including new talents and old faces. The media also has a role to play in this,” she said about possible solutions to make things right.

Various statements have in the past been made about the status of Ghana’s English speaking movie industry. While others said it was dead, some say it is struggling on a limping on leg.

But Kisa thinks that’s not a possible solution to save the industry. The talks are too much. деньги в долг

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