Ghana: FAB Photos: Prince David Osei, A-Plus, Akhan hit the runway for Unique World Fashion new collection

After the official launch of Unique World Fashion which featured celebrity guest models, Kwaw Kese, Funny Face and Pokello Nare, Theresa Onnen, Chief Executive Officer of Unique World Fashion on Tuesday night revealed their latest collection at short runway event at the M Plaza hotel in Accra. The fashion show which was held for clients and supporters of Unique World Fashion also saw comedian A Plus, singer Akhan from Ruff N Smooth and actor Prince David Osei hitting the runway as celebrity guest models.

Mrs. Onnen is a German based Ghanaian who for the last ten years has been working in the fashion industry in Europe as a fashion designer and a stylist. She is also a philanthropist who occasionally donates to people living with AIDS. There was a fundraiser on the night towards Mrs. Onnen’s charity project for people living with HIV/AIDS. She expressed her intention to ultimately build a a specialized clinic in one of her beneficiary village or town.

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