Get Familiar With Fast Raising Ghanaian Rapper Worlasi.

Worlasi is a brute of a rapper, maker, artist and musician. His melodies have been adulated for being invigorating and motivating and his verses, over the top and African.

Worlasi is a charming complexity: hyper sure yet unassuming, hungry for learning and at the same time flooding with it, excessively hopeful however sharp located to life’s cruel substances. These traits drain crude into his music, resounding through his harsh, baritone soul and the exploratory connotations of his music in an agonizingly direct industry.

His achievement single, Ay3 Adz3 set him apart from his companions He tops off such engaged and sensible lyricism with his mixtape extend, Nus3 discharged in September. Nus3 is a super enormous heap of inspiration, emphaticness and self-


conviction. This was his first real venture and it as of now has individuals calling him a divine being. He discharged a moment real venture which has likewise absolutely amazing and shot convincing visuals for two of his singles-One Life and Nukata.

From that point forward he has worked and stowed highlights with artistes like EL, M.anifest, Hammer of Da Last Two, Sena Dagadu and imparted tunes to any semblance of Sarkodie and Kwaw kese.

He has imparted stage to some of Ghana’s finest melodic follows up on stages, for example, ACCRA [dot]ALT’s Sabolai Radio, shake aggregate, Dark Suburb’s Awakening show, Beatphreaks, The Unheard Voices and so forth.

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