Egypt : TV Presenter "Saud al Dosari" laid To Rest In Riyadh Following Sudden Death In Paris

The body of prominent Saudi television journalist Saud Al-Dowsary was buried following funeral prayers at King Khalid Mosque in Riyadh’s Um Al-Hammam District after the Asr prayer Sunday.
Al-Dowsary, 47, was found dead at his apartment in Paris on Friday.
He was believed to have died of a heart attack. Some of his friends said he was in Paris for medical treatment of cardiac problems that he was suffering from for many years.
Al-Dowsary had won several awards, including the award of Best Arab TV Presenter in 1995 and the Gordon Trophy for the best Arabic announcer in 2010.
He started his media career working for the state media. In 1994, he joined as a news presenter in the MBC FM in London. He also presented several talk shows on MBC, Orbit and Rotana Khaleejia channels.
One of his most popular shows was “You Deserve It”, in which he helped a number of people to achieve their dreams and wishes.
His last daily show was “To Reassure My Heart”, where he hosted thinker and preacher Adnan Ibrahim.
Al-Dowsary wrote in his bio on Twitter: “I am a man in my 40s. I am a man like all others. I am not one of the best, but I am trying so for myself and for the others.”
Many people who loved and respected Al-Dowsary were shocked to hear the news of his death.
Twitter was flooded on Friday with condolence messages and prayers under the hashtag #Presenter_Saud_Aldosari_dead as soon as the news of his death became public.
Ola Faris, who worked with Al-Dowsary in MBC, said on Twitter, “What an incredibly sad morning. Woke up to shocking news. May you rest in peace, dearest colleague. May God have mercy on your soul.”
Another tweet by one of his Saudi fans said, “God tighten the heart of @alialgofaily as you tighten the heart of Mousa’s mother and tighten the heart of each person lost his dearest brother and give them patience.”
Hind, one of his viewers, tweeted: “Al-Dowsary had dreamed to be different and he had had what he wanted. He had a quiet soul, he was silently stylish and he also died silently.”
By Shahd Alhamdan
Photos from Saud’s funeral can be viewed here.

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