Efia Odo Allegedly Behind Fella Makafui’s Sex Tape

There are new allegations against Efia Odo.

Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui had several troubles last week. Furthermore, she was in an alleged sextape.

Moreover, Efia Odo and Fella Makafui have been at loggerheads for months now.

Firstly, Odo accused Fella of sleeping with big men for money. Also, Fella hit back at her numerous times.

Later, their feud was settled. However, things never settled down all the way.

After news broke about Fella’s sextape, Efia was in a video dancing. However, Fella’s management proved that it wasn’t her in the video.

Furthermore, now news emerges about the origins of the video. An Instagram account ‘thosecalledcelebs’ released info that it was Efia that sent them the video about Fella.

According to the account, Efia Odo was the one who hyped the video to her.

Read the allegation against Efia Odo

When Fella issue came….about her alleged naked sex video and her man collapsing her wine shop n bla bla…. pls first go n check my first post about dis saga …all i knew was publicity stunt cux i knew dis gal was moving to a new place n she want attention on it until then kako Efia came to ma DM to tell me dat…hv i heard wats going on??? Fella man has collected de shop and i said no…is publicity stunt…she said noooo…is true paaaa from de right source…she can confirm de man has collected his shop back…i was like oke…she was happy bi….so in de evening dis same person came to ma DM with Fella alleged naked video n link to get access to. ..

More about the allegations

i was like wowww…so dis issue is not publicity stunt??? She said is real paaaa so i posted de pic on ma page n told de world dat.. we gotta arrest de man …after i posted it p3…dis kako came back. ..and she is like, u are soo genuine and i like how u handle case n post ur things …u dnt mind who is ur frnd or enemy. ..she was happy i posted Fella alleged pic cux she said is her . Case close from der….but me posting her( kako) and her guy de3…come n see how dis girl is mad…i shld had said something positive about de guy…i know all de celebs are against her n bla bla…i was like how????

U feel okay wen i post negative vibe about ur own colleagues but u get mad when u realised i know ur boyfriend since adams…why dnt u want de world to know he is a father of three??? A scammer and a pimp. u was bold enough to send me ur own ex friend (fella)naked video…n told me is her paaaa…have been trying hard to reconcile both but i hv realised u are evil…u wish bad for people n u wish best for urself. U want me to disgrace all de celebs and hail u on page…ma’am! !wafom kwan wai….i will say it as it is…period😯😯😯 займ онлайн без отказа

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