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Djeff (Angola/Portugal)

Angolan house music has been on the bubble in the last 3-5 years. Riffing off some elements from its cousin scene in South Africa, and from its local-turned-global dance phenomenon, kuduro, this is a house music capital on a steady come-up. All it needs is a dependable ambassador. Someone to kick down the doors continent-wide in the same way that Cabo Snoop did for Angolan dance culture in Africa. If anyone can be this, it’s Portugal-born, Angola-based Djeff Afrozilla. He often operates in a tag team with fellow producer/DJ Sylvi, but, a label owner and artist himself, Djeff also stands impressively on his own as one of the most exciting talents in the Angola right now. He is visually polished, and, as a credited architect of Angola’s style of house, has the substance to boot. If Djeff’s recent remix for Weeknd’s Enemy sounds a lot like something from Boddhi Satva’s catalogue, it’s because he, along with Louie Vega and Black Coffee – stalwarts from the soulful end of house music – are his influences. микрозайм

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