Davido HKN singer chasing international collaborations for 2nd album

International collaborations is the new cool now for the cool kids with all the right bucks. Wizkid has had his fair share, currently winning on all fronts with the Billboard Hot 100 charts bearing testament to this.

Up next is Davido, whose search for inspiration, star power, gimmicks, and wow-factors for his sophomore studio album is upon us. The album, tentatively titled “Baddest”, is a year late already, although that can be explained away by the Sony Music Global deal the act signed for the release of this album, and another one.

 Davido while having his ‘local’ album ready on his hard drive, will now have to create material, with a broader market in mind, and that’s why he is like an attack dog who has had the smell of blood tingle his senses and sharpened his mind. This time, however, Davido hasn’t found blood. What he has found is the hunger for international collaborations which has kept him travelling across continents, skipping time zones, and meeting with stars.

Then there’s the quality of music. Davido’s deal with Sony required that he hit the studio and remake the album. Sony Music Entertainment, a global franchise will require lofty global standards of music that will ensure that a get a return on investment. This means the HKN singer will have to put his best sonic foot forward and create an album that is nothing short of a classic. The album will be heavily padded in quality to satisfy the music giants and only then will it be released.

Davido with TinasheDavido with Tinashe


 First up this week in the star-hunt is Rae Sremmund, the American Hip-hop duo, composed of two brothers, Khalif “Swae Lee” Brown and Aaquil “Slim Jimmi” Brown, who are well-known for their “Sremm Life” albums. Davido has hung out with the Trap masters, with subtle hints of a collaboration in the works. Up next was Tinashe, American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and former model, whose debut single ‘2 On’, peaked at number 24 on US Billboard’s Hot 100.

According to sources, there are still more collaborations lined up for the singer, with Sony Music throwing their extensive weight behind the album, and pulling major strings for Davido. The album, which everyone hopes will be released this year already has the collaboration with Meek Mill on it, with another from Trey Songz. These songs will be a part of the new wave for Davido.

Davido and Tinashe in studioDavido and Tinashe in studio

 Is this the right move for a man who already has bitten new meat with the opening of a personal imprint, Davido Music Worldwide, where he has two artisted signed? Yes, it is. Davido’s project needs to tick all the right boxes. If these stars will aid in his project reaching the Promised Land, then they better get to it.

Nigeria gives its blessings.

For more coverage on Davido, watch the Pulse TV video below.

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