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Category: FASHION

African beauty

Their gaze enigmatic, their garb kaleidoscopic, these African tribeswomen were photographed by John Kenny as part of his six-year attempt to show ‘what the...


1st AFGOP African Fashion Trade Expo

1st AFGOP African Fashion Trade Expo is a 3 day trade expo on African Fashion slated for May 9th – 11th, 2013 in the city of Calabar. It is aimed at bringing...


Inside Africa Fashion Show explores traditional fashions, Africa’s worldwide influence

Reflecting the influence of African fashion abroad as well as the diversity of the continent’s own apparel, the second annual Inside Africa Fashion Show at Bates...


Malawian Fashion Roots

As Malawi progresses in fashion, it is crucial to know where the country is coming from. In the early 1800s, women wore tree barks which were beaten up to a cloth that...


AFI is committed to Dev of Local Fashion Industry

In continuing its role as a catalyst for growth in the local fashion industry, African Fashion International (AFI) will continue its focus on young designer and...



Eleni Labrou’s concept is based in a theory about contemporary society, a society obsessed with the body. The designer decided to interpret this obsession into...

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