British High Commissioner to Ghana sets social media ablaze with his Shaku Shaku dance

The Foreign Office of the UK announced the appointment of Iain Walker as Her Majesty’s British High Commissioner to Ghana on February 17, 2017, but commenced work on August the same year.

Iain Walker replaced Jon Benjamin, a man whose tenure in Ghana as a diplomat was deemed controversial due to some of his utterances and actions.


The new commissioner has been under the radar for some time, nothing is much heard of him unlike his predecessor, Jon Benjamin who was always in the news for making comments being it entertainment, politics and social issues.

We think the Jon Benjamin’s blood has started running through Ian as a video spotted by sees the diplomat exhibiting his ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance skills.

It’s fun to watch as he danced to the rhythm and nailed it perfectly.

Watch the video below…


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