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Boity finds silver lining after sharing details of how Cassper broke up with her

Boity gave the latest issue of True Love magazine an exclusive tell-all of how the relationship she had with the muso began unravelling a few months after they rekindled their romance in April last year.

While Boity tried to save the relationship, she failed as the two struggled to find common ground on how Cassper could better manage his time and prioritise their relationship. Ultimately Cassper ended up breaking up with her.

“We broke up in December and I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that its okay then eventually you are just like life actually continues,” said Boity.

She also detailed how Cassper broke up with her and that she has since come to terms with it and is coping well by focusing on her career and life. She also spoke of how she felt she owed the public an explanation since they went public with their romance and even shared a magazine cover together.

The actress’ story inspired one of her fans to tell her how she too had grown from a similar experience.

“After reading your break-up story my friend and I sat with tears in our eyes because it is so relatable. Heartache is the worst, when I went through it I had to remind myself I was not losing a vital organ…I applaud you in how you still see the good in your ex and how you acknowledge his work ethic and hard work. Nonetheless you are beautiful and smart, the sky is the limit for you…,” said @thobiethobz.

Boity responded: “Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”

“Brene Brown @thobiethobz I am happy you could relate. That was one of the main reasons for sharing this story. For us to all realise that we are never alone! | Boity finds silver lining after sharing details of how Cassper broke up with her займы на карту

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