Beef! These Two Local Rappers Are Ready To Slice Their Balls!

Mukono based rapper and law student at Uganda Christian University Timothy Muhumuza aka Code is at loggerheads with Talent Africa affiliate, Tucker HD a member of the urban music group, Airport Taxi.

The two rappers have released diss tracks aimed at each other. The two are insisting that it’s “just the beginning”.

The beef between the two was sparked off by a response Code made while on Urban TV. On the hip hop show “Smash” hosted by The Mith, the rapper compared Tucker HD to Meek Mill who is regarded as a fake rapper.

This provoked Tucker to release diss track titled “Calm before the storm” in which he attacked Code like a rabid dog. Not wanting to die in his own movie, Code has responded with “Hands in the stadium”, a diss song.Most fans are excited that the rappers are going at each other. We shall keep you posted кредит на карту

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