Background Music & 2Ligit Records Releases Visuals for Vision DJ’s ‘Grind’ featuring A.I.

Earlier this year, the whole country was taken by surprise when the infectious ‘GRIND’ single from Vision DJ ft. A.I. slowly infiltrated the music market.

Now, fresh off ‘GRIND’ single’s success (listen here, Background Music and 2Ligit Records has delivered a brand new video for Vision DJ and A.I fans.

Not only is it unlike typical music videos, it’s the first music video off his debut album.

Vision DJ also announced his debut album, ‘Blow Chicken’ few months back. A release date has not been revealed, but it looks like Blow Chicken will warm fans up for what’s to come.

The Radio Dj has fans in Ghana and Africa anxious for the release of his ‘Grind’ music video. The Grind Video can be seen on

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