Angola: Festisumbe Stage With 200,000 Watts of Sound

About 200,000 watts of sound and 500 illumination is the capacity installed to guarantee the festive environment during the two days (September 20 and 21) of the International Music Festival of Sumbe (FestiSumbe2013), to happen at local marginal, capital of Kwanza Sul province.

This was to Angop on Wednesday by the technician of Casa70, an entity in charge for the organization of FestiSumbe, Rui Gonçalves.

The specialist stressed that such capacity will allow artists and spectators to have sound of top quality and give another look at Sumbe Marginal.

The source said that the venue will have a stage where artists will perform and two seats for guests and a VIP area.

Check the list of artists to perform in the event: the Angolans Bangão, Ary, Edmasia, Margareth do Rosário, Kueno Aionda, Dom Kikas, Coreon Dú, Os Lambas group, Big Nelo and C4Pedro and Cape Verdeans Mika Mendes and Jonhy Ramos.

On 22 September, the festival counts on the participation of the US reggea UB40 band and Angolans singers Yuri da Cunha, Konde, Eduardo Paím, Puto Português, Sabino Henda, Cristo, Justino Handanga, Irmãos Almeidas, WKing, Zona 5 group, Maravilha and Voga bands, among others. займ онлайн

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