Half Of Wutah #Afriyie Blames Radio Personality K.O.D For Split.

Afriyie of defunct music group, Wutah, says the then manager of the group, Kofi Okyere Darko contributed to the collapse of the group. The singer in an interview on Peace FM Thursday afternoon said it was the duty of their then manager, KOD to hold them together but he failed to do so. According to him, his duty as an artiste is to write good songs for his fans but not to take upon himself managerial duties.
“It was his [KOD] responsibility at that juncture to keep the group together. If you are an army officer and you are in charge of a unit, you are held responsible if anything happens to your army boys.
I feel everybody had a role to play. The responsibility of an artiste is to keep producing good songs so if things are not going on well, my responsibility is just to sit at home and move to the studio if there is a song to record or go for shows when there is one. So that means the artiste has his responsibility and the manager also has his.
It is not my duty to hold my partner together if the group is collapsing. That is why we have a manager for the artiste’s welfare to be his concern.”
He continued that “we were a household name, we were good but you and I know that singing is one part of the whole job and the business part was also another part. If you can sing very well, your manager has to translate it into money for you to feel ok. Once you are ok, you can produce good songs”
When Kwasi Aboagye, host of the show asked if KOD told them he wanted to step aside as a manager if that could save the group, he answered “I don’t recall him ever saying that. It got to a time we were just static, we were not moving. I asked for certain things to be put in place but still nothing was happening. We had several meetings before Kobby released his album”.
Afriyie denied accusations that the group split because of money or cash. KOD on the show also stated that he tried several times to keep the group together but all efforts proved futile

Africanhitz.com | Source | Zionflex | Half Of Wutah #Afriyie Blames Radio Personality K.O.D For Split.

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