25 Year Old Kenyan Rapper Wangechi Demands Payment From Tecno Mobile Using Her Photo.

The 25 year old Kenyan female rap art, Wangechi has taken to social media vent her spleen on Tecno Mobile. To her apparently Tecno Mobile had used her photo in various social media adverts without her knowledge and she has requested Tecno mobile to pay for using her picture for the commercial.

Here are a few of the legal problems could encounter in her fight however. The person who has rights to the photo are held by the creator not the subject of the photo. So unless it has been stated that someone else owns the rights, the photographer owns the rights to the picture they take.

Also, it is claimed that the photo was submitted during a competition ran by Tecno so they might own the rights to use the image. This was stated in the terms and conditions

Credit : Ameyaw

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