10 amazing facts about Omalicha Elom that you never knew

She is by all standards of evaluation and analysis a golden actress with class. Let’s celebrate and get to know this beauty with brain. These beautiful 10 tips are what many people need to know about her.

  • Omalicha Elom is a priceless lady with a heart of gold.
  • She is a citizen of Ebonyi State, Nigeria
  • She is born in a cute family of 3 girls, and 2 boys.
  • Her siblings, friends, and colleagues love her so much. She is simply exceptional. She has an attractive personality.
  • She studied Political Science from National Open University, Nigeria and graduated with honours.
  • She is a screen diva; movie actress and producer.
  • The first movie she produced was ‘Marriage Police’. Surely, this is an award-winning movie.
  • She has been acting since 2011 and has unique acting skills that appeal to all. She is one of the fastest rising Nigerian actresses to watch in 2018. She has featured in some reputable auditions.
  • She has featured in a couple of movies including Occultic dancers, Seven Books of Moses, Black Day, Tears for riches, Face Off, Supreme sacrifice, Hearts against love, Friday Night, Selling Point, Princess of the moon, etc.

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Take a look at some of her colourful pictures:

Omalicha Elom was back linked to https://www.linjust.com.ng/tag/omalicha-elom

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